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I'd start with the BBash games - seems like a good way to find lots at once :D

What streaming software did you get? I'm looking into downloading one, curious what others use.
Atlas Rose
Atlas Rose
I got Open Broadcast Studios, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the quality. I did a test recording and my mic was extremely quiet (after being turned all the way up) and the video lagged badly. Twitch recommended either that, XSplit, or something else I don't remember. Don't take my word on what's good, I just got was Twitch said was good.
Okay! Sometimes what's recommended isn't the greatest. It's nice to know that OBS might not be the best, because I almost downloaded it since so many people use it.
Atlas Rose
Atlas Rose
Just saying, it might be really good just I used the wrong settings. I just downloaded it maybe an hour ago so I definitely don't know how to use it right.

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Meteo Chronicles is almost finished!
Always remember kids keep a copy of you email with your download code in it or you will never find it again in your email :kaocry:
Dragon quest IX just released a definitive edition that has a 2D top-down RPG mode for the entire game, AKA you can play the entire game as if it was made for super Nintendo, i WISH i didn't already buy the original version or else I would get this version to get some ideas for my game and honestly the story was tooooo boring for me to play again. Hmm I'm sure somebody will do a lets play in 2D mode on YouTube.

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