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Aww, hon, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine our own two cats getting sick that way or explaining that to our own nine year old who loves them. Once the hard part of explaining is over, perhaps you could arrange visits with the sick kitty? It would be sad for her to be in a new environment and not be able to go home. Whatever happens, we're with you if you need support!
Crimson Dragon Inc.
Crimson Dragon Inc.
is your family religious? if so just explain that what ever evil force is taking their cat from them and that one day when that evil force is destroyed they will be reunited

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Pro tip to anyone looking for advice based on existing game mechanics: a lot of people reading your request won't have played the games you're talking about. Always assume your readers won't have, and explain what the mechanic actually *does* rather than just name-dropping the game. I see this a lot.
 …So I was looking at a question someone had asked and did some related experimentation. Apparently the Jump… movement route command works like the ultimate through. Including letting you move around outside the confines of the map entirely. o_O
Okay so today I heard the dumbest theory I have heard in a loooooooong while. It's so stupid I just have to share... Appearantly I have learned to draw 'hot chicks' so that 'real men' get physically excited by looking at it and I can then swoop in and 'turn' them.... Wow... Just... Amazing how some brains works...
What the writer wrote: "The curtain is blue."
The readers: "There must be a hidden meaning behind this, perhaps to convey the character emotions ...".
What the writer has in mind: "The curtain is frickin' blue".
Time to share something!

I made these a while ago for my game. I took reference from various huts in Africa.
Have a great night! :D

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