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Aww, hon, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine our own two cats getting sick that way or explaining that to our own nine year old who loves them. Once the hard part of explaining is over, perhaps you could arrange visits with the sick kitty? It would be sad for her to be in a new environment and not be able to go home. Whatever happens, we're with you if you need support!
Crimson Dragon Inc.
Crimson Dragon Inc.
is your family religious? if so just explain that what ever evil force is taking their cat from them and that one day when that evil force is destroyed they will be reunited

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Kid : "MOOOMM! My poop is bloody red!" Me, an intellectual : "There's worm parasite inside your body. You gonna die soon."
Caught a guy trying to break into our house today. Appearantly he intended to burgle our neighbor (a 94yo widow) but picked the wrong house. Faced with two angry males he was quick to give up without a fight...
I just joined the club of nerds making their own Excel-Sheets to calculate HP / MP / EXP.. parameter curves
Me: "Finally finished most of my game backlog. Probably time to do some gamedev" | Steam: *offer sales*
If I recorded while I created (what I think is) a small plugin, would you be interested enough in the process to watch it?

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