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Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Tea kettle overloads it, too. The power here is just kind of fussy. When I turn on the microwave all the lights dim and it's a game of "Who will win first? My soup, or the breaker?"
Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
I used to live in a small apartment... where you COULD NOT EVER have the microwave and toaster on at one time. Otherwise a breaker would overload and shut off.  ThisThose were the days. :p was some 20 years ago and THEN they were 70 years old (with ONE outlet in each room)!

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That moment when you came up with a very good game title, but when you searched it, it has already been used... T.T
Crazy week. My anxiety decides to go nutz. Worse thing about it is that it causes me to lose focus on my work. I was able to leave early one day and take a nap. Seemed to help. How is everyone? Boosters coming soon here. Get my life back on track again.
Finally got my new Discord Server up & Running! I'm still improving it as much as I can, & I'm open for any Suggestions!
I've been busy trying out different art styles for my game.

Enemies deserve some spotlight also

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