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Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Yeah, that's a really good idea!

I just hope you aren't going to join me on the hanging thingymabob. Theres been enough death and the "Commando" is awesome! He is so wacky yet serious and also hilarious at the same time!
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Everyone should just try to not hang eachother! Also don't forget the "Sorry I haunted you" card and the "Sorry I almost got you blown up" cards and also the "Thanks for saving me from going kaboom" card
Hey, if the Commando gets hung, it'll be nothing new for him. He's been blown up, run over, blown up, poisoned, stabbed, double stabbed, shot, and blown up. But he keeps coming back.

If the Commando dies, he will give everyone there his famous last words...stolen from Mayday Parade :

"Oh well, oh well...Guess I'll see you in..."


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