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ugh!  And after all that, I realize the game I'm helping a friend with MUST be opened with the Steam version due to the achievements script crashing if it's not   :(
nio kasgami
nio kasgami
poor ya shaz :( ...
And sure enough, opening the Steam version of Ace has just un-done all my work to set the standalone as the executable for that file type.  I hate Steam!
I feel your pain. The Steam version of Ace crashed on me last year while saving, erasing a nearly-complete project I was making for IGMC. I'm going to be remaking the whole thing in MV (standalone!) next time.  Steam is literally the devil. (The only reason I even installed it this time around was to be able to download the season pass DLC's)
nio kasgami
nio kasgami
actually it's a better way's to do this :)

right click open with see more program and go in the program file and enterbrain and click on it and set to : ALWAYS open with this software

so now each time you will open a rpg maker vx ace projects they will open the non-steam version since it's directed with the SAID program :)  
Niten Ichi Ryu
Niten Ichi Ryu
What I did is drag and drop the standalone VX ace exe to my W10 taskbar, then navigate to my project folder take the rvproj2 and drag and drop it on the VX Ace Icon on my taskbar to pin it to the software. Rinse and repeat.

Then when I want to open one of my Ace Project, I right click the ace icon and select the project file.
Doesn't work Nio.  Not in Windows 10.  Even though I go through the steps and choose the standalone Ace, it still always opens with the Steam version.  I had to edit the registry to override it.  And again, the moment the Steam version is opened, all of that reverts anyway.

@Niten Ichi Ryu - I don't really want to have too many projects on my taskbar (I work on at least 5, interchangeably), but you have given me an idea of an alternative that I'll experiment with a bit.

I just wish Windows 10 would let me save the file association, and if I have two applications with the same 'friendly' name, it won't assume when I select one that it means the other.

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