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Thanks :)   Those sure come in handy these days!

One day at a time :)
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Aww, Shaz. I'm sending you all my positive energy. Here, take my energy! 
Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita
*hugs shaz*
I know that only too well, my HDD and DVD-Drive died at once. But sadly no back up for me. :(
But luckly I have now a SSD, small, but enough for the beginning. :D
And I hope your dad feels better soon. (\ô/)
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
   They both died at once? If it's not a shoddy product then that is one hell of a coincidence in and of itself.

    I'd give you all my energy as well if I really could, repeat hospitalization can be nearly as taxing on the rest of the family as it is on the person receiving treatment, sadly. Stay strong and keep going forward, unfortunately sometimes that's all you can really do.
One is used very seldomly and was still packed away from when we moved.  The other I used regularly and was working that morning.  We needed to do a backup of some stuff on my son's computer, so we got out the unused one (which was working prior to our move) and attached it to his computer.  It wouldn't work.  So then I got mine, knowing it was working at that very moment, and hooked it up to his machine.  Not only did it not work on his computer, but when I took it back to my desk, it wouldn't work for me any longer either.  I actually should have added one more to that list.  My husband's, which was also working, didn't work on Zach's, but it did still work on Mark's when he took it back, until he tried to copy the files over the network, at which point he started getting 'drive corrupt' type errors.  So that one is on its way out now as well.  That's 5 Western Digital external drives that have all failed within 2 years of purchase (the original two were a few years ago).  I'm going with the shoddy product theory.
@Sassy Saddles that's a pain, not having any backup.  I'm pretty slack when it comes to making backups too.  These drives contained whole-computer backups taken at a point where I was switching computers, or the latest, when I had to reformat and reinstall Windows.  I'd be in trouble if my computer just died suddenly.  I really should take backups more seriously.

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Pro tip to anyone looking for advice based on existing game mechanics: a lot of people reading your request won't have played the games you're talking about. Always assume your readers won't have, and explain what the mechanic actually *does* rather than just name-dropping the game. I see this a lot.
 …So I was looking at a question someone had asked and did some related experimentation. Apparently the Jump… movement route command works like the ultimate through. Including letting you move around outside the confines of the map entirely. o_O
Okay so today I heard the dumbest theory I have heard in a loooooooong while. It's so stupid I just have to share... Appearantly I have learned to draw 'hot chicks' so that 'real men' get physically excited by looking at it and I can then swoop in and 'turn' them.... Wow... Just... Amazing how some brains works...
What the writer wrote: "The curtain is blue."
The readers: "There must be a hidden meaning behind this, perhaps to convey the character emotions ...".
What the writer has in mind: "The curtain is frickin' blue".
Time to share something!

I made these a while ago for my game. I took reference from various huts in Africa.
Have a great night! :D

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