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Ugh! I just had to do that too. I scooped up some more resources but they were all over the place so I had to reorganize the folders. How do you organize yours? I went something like dlc>Graphics>Battlers>Artist'sName that way I know if I used a battler from an artist I also have to add in their name to the credits.
Sorry for the double post, wish we could edit :D

Actually, I went DLC>ResourcePack>Graphics>Battlers>Artist'sName.
No worries! And I know that feeling. ^^

Before, I had all my menu graphics located in /Graphics/Menus, but I didn't expect, that there will be that many files. It started to be really confusing.

Now I have multiple folders like:

/Graphics/Menu_Base -> contains files used in multiple menu scenes

/Graphics/Menu_Main -> contains files used in main menu

/Graphics/Menu_Inventory -> contains files used in inventory menu

etc. etc.

I've also removed some default directories, because I won't be using them.

It is kinda 'spammy', but it's way much easier to find files when needed. =P

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