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I have encountered a fair share of bugs here too.

I like some of the improvements, but some of the bugs are annoying as heck.
The upgraded version looks nice, but it lacks of many, many, many simple functions, which multiplies the frustration of what that editor sometimes does.

Usually I'm editing my post ~10 times until I get it to work.

I have no idea why, but it sometimes moves the ending of the post to the spoiler in the middle misplacing things all over the place. -> Spoilers in general are bugged as balls and it's best to not use them at all.

Doing anything on this forum is mainly a waste of time, because sometimes it takes so much time to configure a post properly here. + It is easy to break a post. For example editing OP of the game's thread can break it, which will add tons of extra work, considering, that very USEFUL tools, that would fix that quicker were removed and replaced by silly automatic system, that is simply stupid and not helpful at all.

Let's be honest ~ I completely dislike the update. That was a huge mistake in my opinion. I liked the simple system, not fancy bugged one.

Whew I need to chill out. I would never guess, that a forum software can actually annoy me. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

at least after many tries and editing I finally managed to post what I wanted. =3
Sounds like I'm going to have a really bad time once I decide to post something very detailed with images, videos, etc, xD
Stuff works nicely as long as you'll not add spoiler tags. Adding just one small spoiler can break everything and move content all over the place and holy balls, it's so frustrating to find where stuff have been moved. Even if you'll manage to get the contents placed properly they can break AGAIN when trying to save changes while leaving spoiler tags in the post.

No spoilers = everything works fine

Spoilers = crying after clicking "post"

I've even reported these issues and guess what - in the report posts the spoilers also gone wild.

It's been almost a month and nothing changed, well nobody is even interested.

Imagine how much of patience I must gather before attempting to update a post. It's really unstable and frustrating.

After the update I'm much less active, because the interface is a big mess and the system works and does what he wants to do.
Wow o_O And I'm pretty sure I'll have to add spoilers to my post, so the nightmare is coming ;_; But thanks for letting me know, because it would have been really frustrating to create a post with lots of information and then find that unpleasant surprise.

And I agree with you, this new system has tons of bugs. I really liked the old forum; this one has some interesting features, but it has bugs when you try to use the most important ones, related to posting at least.

I guess they have many important things to do, but it's important to fix those bugs, because many will feel frustrated. >.<
Maybe you'll be lucky and the forum software will spare you. =P

Perhaps I'm doing some magic, that I don't know about ~ Or I just suddenly don't know how to post. If you'll encounter the same issue then let me know. =P

Yup, it's exactly like with Windows 10. Nice from first look ~ but I keep hearing complains about that system - programmers of that forum software didn't want to be worse - they made a terrible update to invade and annoy users.

Yeah, they have to be busy ~ I'm not mad at anybody, but these issues really annoy me. I'm posting something in up to few minutes and then spending an hour to edit it multiple times to make it finally be displayed like it should be. (that's a true story stories [keeps happening, hence me crying for help all over the place]) (;一_一)

Aaaaaaand of course not mentioning how other codes are broken. Quoting or pasting a script is a true nightmare and dealing with these 'fancy blocks', that are difficult to edit is the most stupid thing the programmes came up with. =/
Aw balls my grammar just terribly broke. I can't edit that. (Grammar nazi gonna kill mah)

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