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I want to read it :D
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
I am so, so happy that social media was only in its baby stages when I went to highschool.
High School is probably the most dumb place one has to be in at one point or the other.

I literally said girls were not objects when the popular kids were talking about who they are going to try and score, and in the end, I was ridiculed by the girls for it (popular kid used popularity to spread lies).

I had a very negative outlook of life toward the end of high school for a time.

In my High School:

  • A group of guys who competed to see how many girls they could score through lies (some of the girls ended up hating men and I knew one who is still suffering trust issues from it).
  • A girl that faked abuse from a guy she didn't like (who is still suffering from that even though he is now proven innocent)
  • People grouping up and picking a person to harass constantly to the point of breaking (the person generally started out more attractive, nicer and intelligent then normal to and was probably picked because of that)
  • Many friendships feeling fake and built upon lies (and generally done out of selfish reasons).

Need I go on?  

I felt like humans were just a bunch of manipulative selfish liars by the end of High School.  

...and still think things like that from time to time.
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Yeah, I feel your pain Awesome, I'm in highschool and that does still happen...

And confessions twitter!? That sounds really fun to read, I wish my school had that!
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
I think it's really easy to latch onto the more negative aspects of being an adolescent, but I have plenty of great times from my high school too. It's an odd time for almost everyone and I'm pretty positive everyone has said and done something completely moronic during high school. Which is why I'm really happy there is very little written and photographic evidence of me being the absolute fool a teenage me could be.
#Homeschool Mostly because everyone within 50 Billion miles is a terrible person, and I kept getting sick from inhaling gluten in the lunch rooms
It's actually scientifically proven that teenagers are, in a fashion, stupid. Primarily, the parts of their brains that say "that's probably a bad idea and here's a list of reasons why" aren't fully formed yet. Same with kids - that's why you get so many replies across childhood and adolescence of "I don't know" when you ask "why did you do that?" Fun fact - they really actually don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It's highly exasperating as a parent, but simple truth from the child.
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Huh... that's interesting yet an insult to my intelligence at the same time... Being a teenager isn't great but at least I know this, it's annoying when you say "I don't know" and they think it's just an excuse, thank god we actually don't know and I'm not just the most forgetful teen ever...

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