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Feldschlacht IV
Feldschlacht IV
I wouldn't say there's a 'shift' as much as a lot of new faces in general. There are still tons of people, including myself, still chugging away at Ace. It's not as big of a jump from say, RPG Maker 2003 to XP where the power of the two programs were absolutely miles apart. 

VX Ace is still an incredibly powerful program, so the quality and capability of games created in either MV and Ace are going to have quite a bit of overlap for quite a while.

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Update on my experiment with uploading my Android games to the Amazon app store: made about $45 in 2 months, but 0 sales for the past 3 weeks. Not sure its worth the effort.
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I just joined the club of nerds making their own Excel-Sheets to calculate HP / MP / EXP.. parameter curves

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