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Sounds great! Wish you all the luck with the house!

My sister recently started building their own house, luckily they could live at a friends house (since he is in the US at the moment) so they could avoid paying double rents.

I hope it works out for you :D
Good luck with it!
Hollow 1977
Hollow 1977
Hope it all goes well. My brother and I had to pay rent on two places due to canceling moving out but not soon enough. ;_;
So, looked at the house yesterday.  It was ... interesting is probably the best word.  Older style house that was in the process of being renovated before the owner had to move away for <some reason>.  They had redone the kitchen and it's absolutely beautiful (and huge), and built a massive rumpus room that's probably just about as big as all other rooms put together (this could actually be turned into a 'retreat' - and that may be what the intention was - so could come in handy if dad needs live-in care for any period).  But get this ... in order to reach the rumpus room, you can either go in through a door that leads from the front verandah, or you can go through the main bedroom, walk-through robe, ensuite and toilet.  Just can't quite grasp having to walk through a bedroom, wardrobe, ensuite and toilet to reach another part of the house.  It's very unusual.

Off to take another, better look tomorrow (with a list of things that it didn't even occur to me to check for, like power points, phone points ...).  Mark and Zach coming along this time, to determine whether we'll put in an application.  Just as well I don't mind driving, though it does get tiring.

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