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Snow White
Snow White
And the gold! Don't forget the gold!! ALL THE GOLD!!! MUHAHA!!!! . . . What? You thought you were the only dragon on this mountain? ;) (Don't worry, I'll keep my claws off your hoard . . . for now)
Meh. You can have the gold. It's too expensive to collect and make shinies from. =( Seriously, though, I actually did get the above shinies in the mail yesterday. The opal beads were amazing. So much colour.
Snow White
Snow White
*Laughs* You really have a real life hoard, that somehow makes it cooler :D (most of the shinies I have are just  paperweights . . . I suppose I could be the worlds first paperweight dragon :p )

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I have a really hard time keeping all these goodies secret til December... but I swear, it is worth the wait!
Working on a Premium version of my minimap plugin that will have advanced functionalities such as drawing a Terrain map based completely on the users tilesets, whatever they may be, and drawing minimap radar icons automatically based on texture of the event the note is applied to.
Psttt come look, this is the secret technique to tenderizing steaks, it makes it extra beefy. :rwink:

#screenshotsaturday update, featuring vaporwave angels lol
Lil' sketch I drew of Nico di Angelo :)
The spooky boi himself ♥
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