Comments on Profile Post by Victor Sant

  1. Goldschuss
    As a boss battle or boss theme in general?
    May 14, 2016
  2. Victor Sant
    Victor Sant
    theme3 for normal boss theme, theme4 for some major bosses.  :D
    May 14, 2016
  3. Chaos Avian
    Chaos Avian
    They really do sound great, people say don't use the stock music but some of them are dayum good! Especially Theme 4~
    May 14, 2016
  4. Victor Sant
    Victor Sant
    MV Stock music are excellent, I wouldn't care using some of them in a game.
    May 14, 2016
  5. CrimsonNightfox
    I'm on a search to find the MV music if this one 
    May 15, 2016