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So you can get something between 8-10 MB/s connection speed?
I had that for a long time, it isn't that bad. For example, now I have 16 MB/s, which is the highest available speed, where I live. :)
I still can remeber, were 500 KB/s was the best I could get. :|
But after all, I allways say, A slow internet is still better then no internet at all. ;) (\ô/)
It would be 8Mbps, which is painfully slow when you're used to speeds of up to 20Mbps.  Our family of 3 is almost constantly online, and a lot of what we do involves downloading or uploading or streaming.  Not good when your job requires fast and reliable internet.
7mbps is what  my family is stuck with because ISPs are a real pain in the neck fighting with

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