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Seeing this everywhere. Still don't get it. What am I missing?
Victor Sant
Victor Sant
Game of Thrones reference.

That are like League of Legends references: people post it everywhere in any media, no matter if the majority of people don't know about it.
No spoiler keywords to find people with the same interest. If you don't get it, you aren't in the club. ;)
I've never watched a single minute of GoT but I know 75% of the story because memes. @_@
@Victor Sant And still people care enough to avoid looking the other way? If you like something, you urge to share it with others. It's just human :)  You can choose not to give a rats ass about it though, you have a choice ;)  
Victor Sant
Victor Sant
@Dark_Metamorphosis it's not like you can always ignore something that is bombarded on your face, unless you want to block all your friends.  ;)

Also, I never said I care, so don't assume that.  ;)

I just stated what happens, people just bombard those GoT and LoL "ineternal jokes" to everyone without caring. (and those two groups seems to be the ones that do this more often)

Also, I dont 'feel the urge'. I don't bombard my non-makers friends with 'maker jokes' or things like that. Maybe I not human...  :distrust:

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