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I don't, I would rather be out walking, garden work and hiking.

Then go in and cook + knit.

(maybe that is why I am thought to be a girl :o )

I don't knit
Isch I hate those days, been sunny all day here so It's been really nice :)

My dog has had a lot of excercise in the sun, and had a bath or two in the local lake so he had a great day too!

Hope the weather turns around, here I thought that it was never cold in Australia :D  
lol!  They're talking snow down there this winter.  There's already been snow further south, at the ski resorts.  It gets cold in Australia too  :D

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Helldivers is so much fun!
Suitemate: "Do you have detergent"
Me: "Ya, the spray kind"
Me: *realizes he said detergent, not deodorant*
Me: "Guess I'll die!"
If there's one thing I hate about myself, it's that I procrastinate. Ever since I started looking stuff up on how to properly balance and create armour, weapons and skills; I've let myself down in progress.
So I was at the dentist yesterday and she said,"I'm gonna propose to Dr. Anderson...(Then she paused as she thought what to say). And I said,"I think he is a little old for you." She laughed good naturedly. Then she jabbed sharp things in my mouth for the next 3 hours.
Update on my experiment with uploading my Android games to the Amazon app store: made about $45 in 2 months, but 0 sales for the past 3 weeks. Not sure its worth the effort.

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