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You should feel that the poster doesn't know what he's talking about.  If it has 3 extremely positive things, 1 positive thing, and one negative thing, it doesn't deserve a 1/10.  It clearly shows that he puts resolution above any of the things that make a game great.  And I suspect readers will pay more attention to the positives than his "not recommended" and he may actually be driving traffic your way :)
That's nice response. It triggered me when people rate RM games low due to resolution (not just my game). They are simply missing out bigger scene.
Wow.  Not what I am compiling.  If HD were a necessary component for Steam, then it would be part of the green light process.
Ignore those people. They were probably trying to be funny but failed epically. I know the steam review has a counter for funny points, but I think it was best to leave it out rather then make it official. Some people can't read sarcasm or satire and take these things seriously.
Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
You shouldn't let something like game development scores TRIGGER you...   @_@

These things will happen unfortunately and they will not go away.
Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
Remember this: Even negative attention is still attention and as Shaz said, it may drive traffic.
If you're able to respond to ratings, instead of giving them what they want and freaking out (I mean, come on now. )
You should pile red hot coals on their head and be gracious, thanking them for stopping by (But for nothing else!!!!!).   That'll make 'em feel even worse. >:)

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