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Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita
I wish I could script like you. <3
It looks awesome. :) (\ô/)
I'm not a professional scripter ~ all I know about scripting is what I've learned here in RM (Community/Engine) within a year. Starting with silly edits and ending with creating my own stuff (Crashing my projects more than ... it will be more than 10000 times now I think ~ yeah, considering amount of backups I had it should be around that number). I was never coding anything before ~ no school nor anything. I'm still learning new things every single day by encountering new things to do and trying stuff.

~ What I'm trying to say is, that everything is possible ~ if such an idiot can learn basics and make stuff like this, then everybody can do that! =3 ~ You just have to want to. And believe me, it is worth that. =3

Thank you very much! =3
Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita
Then teach me senpai. :D
I know only the very basics of RGSS3, but with Java, I'm lost. :)
You do amazing job. You know what to do and not really only depent on trying. You only figure out on your mistakes, but you figured out the logic. ;)
I didn't even go that far. :D (\ô/)
I'm not a good teacher, but I'm trying to help here and there when people are 'poking' me. =P

Basics will be enough, dependable on what you want to do. For example basics can be enough to make minigames like mine. As for me, working with RM's scripts is much, much harder, because there you also need to know how stuff was written. As for JavaScript, I totally don't know that language. =P

Thanks ~ though I was 'only trying' when I was starting. ;)  ~Each day I knew more, so I was able to connect one thing with another and create a chain reaction, where one thing was working similar to few others making it all easier to understand. Beginnings are the worst, it gets much better at later stages.

It's never late to take a next step! =3 :D

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