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  1. Rikifive
    I hate spiders ~ they're 'scary'. Killing them makes me feel bad, but I can't let them run all over the place. =/

    Besides, they're giving 3 EXP ~ always something. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Jun 5, 2016
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  2. GreyStone84
    lol. Ya, I don't mind if they wanna run around outside my house, but inside is a different story. They become smears on newspapers and walls. 
    Jun 5, 2016
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  3. Ejronin
    Spiders serve no practical purpose in nature. Tell me what a spider can do, and I'll list at least two other animals / insects that do it just as well. I say, spiders are great fire fodder - they make a nice pop sound and sometimes the gasses inside hiss for just a second when they burn.
    Jun 7, 2016
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  4. Snow White
    Snow White
    You were " attacked" by a Spider? You make it sound like it came at you with a knife :p

    But yeah, The house I'm living in is holey enough that I'm living with about . . . Ten Spiders (that I know of)

    My family are lage fans of the "out of sight, out of mind" motto when it comes to creepy crawlies :D

    When it gets to the point where we would have to move furniture, it's decreed "not worth it" and forgotten about ;)

    That said, one of my brothers is terrified by them (and I wouldn't exactly like them crawling on me) So we usually catch them in an old jam jar when we see them, and put them out in the garden :cutesmile:

    Just put the jar over them when they're mooching around on the wall, slide a piece of paper or a card under the jar (careful not to trap there lags) and they usually run up the jar, so it's pretty easy to carry them outside, just put one hand on the paper on top, and they can't escape :cutesmile:

    I just thought you'd like the idea @Rikifive , that way they're not running all over your house, but you don't have to hurt them :cutesmile:

     . . . I'm not saying this for you @Ejronin! You big meanie! >:(

    What is a human's "practical purpose in nature"? . . .  See, now you have to ask yourself the very "meaning of life" . . . which of 'cause is 42!

    So when you think about it, the true question is: does a Spider need some great talent to have the right to live?

     . . .

     . . .

    That was a lot more profound than I intended it to be when I started :guffaw:

    Annnywaaay, good luck with the face models Grey! :cutesmile:
    Jun 9, 2016
  5. GreyStone84
    @Snow White Sorry, but there are waaaay too many spiders in the world for me to worry about squashing a dozen or so each summer. :p  And yes, it came at me with a huuuuuge knife. The thing was like a butcher's knife! It was crazy. Any bigger and it would've been a katana!

    Besides, if the meaning of life is 42, well.... spiders don't fit because 42 isn't evenly divided by 8. :D
    Jun 9, 2016
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  6. Snow White
    Snow White
    @GreyStone84 If you say so, I'd still feel bad if I squashed one of the little guys though . . . they may be a bit hairy, but there're all right in my book, like the Wolverine :p

    Anyway, they have Katana! What if one showed up to avenge his flattened brethren!!

    I'm gonna be innocent when the Samurai Spiders cometh . . .  just saying ;)
    Jun 10, 2016
  7. Ejronin
    @Snow White.... well true... but humans have extensive practical purpose unto themselves. We're meta, sort of. I mean, pretty sure a spider didn't develop the contraption you're ribbing me on? To be fair, there was that spider that invented vaccinations and then that other one that ran that animal conservatory... wait no, that was humans. My bad. If that doesn't explain the case, then how about food chain ownership level = epic. :)
    Jun 10, 2016
  8. GreyStone84
    LMAO @Ejronin

    @Snow White I confiscated his weapon and left his smeared body right where I squashed it as a warning for any other spider that may come along. Then they wee the squished carcass and are like "Heck no, I ain't going this way! Something killed Frank! He was a champion, so whatever killed him must be legendary!"

    And they would be right, I'm legendary as heck! When spiders talk about the Grim Reaper.... well my profile pic should make sense now. lol!
    Jun 10, 2016
  9. Snow White
    Snow White
    @Ejronin You do have a point, we Humans are very helpful to each other :cutesmile: (well, apart from the odd crazy one, but those are rare in comparison ;) )

    I just thought it a bit mean of you to say that all Spiders are useless, 'cause they try very hard to be good Spiders, and how would you feel if you were a Spider and someone said your entire species were worthless cretins? :(

     . . . And though this was not the point of your argument, you got me thinking what it would be like if Spiders did invent vaccinations, and ran animal conservatory! :p

    What would the world's history be like if it were Spiders that gained human like intelligence, and we remained apes?

    Would Spiders have invented the internet? Would they have Mech suits to make themselves bigger?

    Would there still have been the dark ages? If not, Spiders might be colonizing space! o_O

    Surely there's a story in this idea somewhere ;)

    @GreyStone84 Frank? You'd think if he had a katana he'd have a name more like, I don't know, Takamasa! :p

    And I always wondered why you had the Grim Reaper as your avatar o_O

     . . . And now, in honor of there food chain excellence, let us take a moment to  worship our Polar bear overloads ;) *puts hand on heart and gazes in the general direction of the north pole* :p
    Jun 10, 2016
  10. Rikifive
    Humans are bad.

    They're killing everything (animals, humans and even nature itself) ~ Such a corruption and disharmony.

    Though that's not entirely not our fault ~ That's kinda how we were 'designed', so we had bugs from the beginning.
    Jun 10, 2016
  11. Rikifive
    Can't delete/edit reply ~ this is now stupid ~ you can have my typos I guess. ^^
    Jun 10, 2016
  12. Snow White
    Snow White
    @Rikifive I think that Humans are strange.

    I say this because Humans have a conscience.

    That's really what sets us apart from other life, not our appearance, or our intellect, but the fact that we know whether what we're doing is wrong or right.

    Other life acts on instinct, they could not be any other way. Humans are given the chance to choose, and yet so often we choose wrong.

    I think we have great potential.

    We can be a hindrance, or we could be a help.

    We can be smart, and yet so very stupid.

    We are a contradiction, what we are does not define who we are.

    I think if we tried to improve life around us (not just Human, but animal and plant too) we could, I think we have the potential :cutesmile:

    That said, I think what describes us best if this quote form Einstein :rswt: (No really, if I had to send something to define humankind to alien beings, this would probably be it :guffaw: )

    And don't worry about the typos, you haven't seen some of mine (really, there's a reason most of my posts say "edited" :D )

    Anyway, they further add to your point, we are only Human after all ;)
    Jun 10, 2016
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  13. Snow White
    Snow White
    "if this quote form Einstein"?!  . . . Really Snow?! "if this quote form Einstein"?!!!

     . . . Remind me to hire an editor if I ever actually do have to communicate with Aliens :p
    Jun 10, 2016
  14. Rikifive
    That's well said ~ I think the world just needs a restart. ;)

    So where's the admin? JK! :D

    Most of my posts say 'edited' as well. ;)  
    Jun 10, 2016
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  15. Rikifive
    @Snow White I didn't even notice these typos ~ I guess the one who makes typos, can read the other one that makes typos perfectly. xD
    Jun 11, 2016
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  16. GreyStone84
    @Snow White Takamasa? You are upset because someone thought all spiders are useless - practically a stereotype - and here you are saying anyone wielding a katana needs to have a Japanese sounding name? o_O :p

    Also, I'm not so sure animals DON'T have a conscience. They simply cannot communicate with us as simply as we do with each other. Certain apes have done very well with sign language and communicating their thoughts and feelings with humans, who is to say other animals would not be able to do the same? What about the Lyrebird? It can copy any sound it hears, including the sound of chainsaws and vehicles. I'm pretty sure, although making the sound may be instinctual, making those SPECIFIC sounds shows it has conscience. Besides, human ideas of what is right and wrong could differ drastically from what an ant or a whale thinks is right and wrong.
    Jun 11, 2016
  17. Ejronin
    @Snow White I have no faith or hope in humans. Not because they make bad choices, but because they know better and do it anyway. 
    Jun 12, 2016
  18. Snow White
    Snow White
    @GreyStone84 Good point, I was just saying that because he had a Japanese sword, he may have been a Japanese Spider (he may have been a female Spider for all I know :p ) I have no problem with him being called Frank, I was just saying it was a possibility, I didn't mean to stereotype :cutesmile: (I'm sorry Frank, may you rest in peace)

    Also, another very good point! :cutesmile:

    I think what @Ejronin said (though slightly pessimistic) fits with the subject at hand too. 

    Other animals most likely do have a conscience, but not in the Human definition of one.

    Thinking about it, each individual animal probably knows deep down what they think is the right thing to do (I say this because different animals of the same type have different opinions, lets say Dogs, one may bite another animal (maybe seeing it as dangerous) whereas a different dog would want to protect this same animal (seeing it as needing its help) these two dogs have a different opinion on the "right thing to do")

    Now, the main difference is that most animals that aren't Human will choose what is (to their knowledge at least) right.

    On the other hand Humans hear their conscience, and yet will still ignore it :(

    That would be the main difference, Humans make bad choices because Humans have to make a choice.

     . . . Or, at least, that is one way to look at it, perhaps all animals have a similar mentality, perhaps we all make wrong choices, yet we cannot understand each other enough to know . . .

    Or maybe all different animals have such vastly contrasting minds that we will never really understand anything other than Humans . . .

    Even what GreyStone said about the Apes and the Lyrebird does not prove in any way that their mentality is like a Human's, it shows us that their communication skills are greater (as I've heard of no one who can speak Lyrebird ;) ) Quite possibly their intelligence is higher . . . but not that they're like Humans (which is a good thing :rswt: )

    I do however, still have hope in Humans, I say this because though many Humans know better and yet are still spiteful, some do listen to their conscience, and write long and rambling comments about how it's mean to squash Spiders :p (Joking . . . mostly)

    But really, if their is no hope, then we've hit rock bottom, there's nowhere left to go but up! :cutesmile:

    Even if it seems like most of Humanity are spiteful and cruel, does not mean that all of it is!

    Even though you might not make much of a difference, you're making some, and that's why I still have hope . . .

    And just to end this comment on a lighter note ;)
    Jun 12, 2016
  19. Ejronin
    @Snow White though I appreciate the level of detailed and verbose response, there's merit in concise communication when asynchronous forms are at play. Suffice to say, the logic problem of whether man is inherently good or evil has been long answered: Man is evil because good has to be encouraged, if not taught. Carl Sagan once posited that it was said Dolphins can understand over 200 words in English but no one has yet to understand Dolphinese (one of his more common quotes people paraphrase and claim as their own thought). His point is essentially a very simplified version of Epistemic Closure: that knowing X entails P doesn't mean we also know Q, absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, and a few other common phil-quips. What you're calling an ability to make a choice is not wholly 'free will" and that also neglects the idea that no choice is a choice (and other such philosophical quandaries) or that any choice made is one we've a right to make. I'll refrain from going much deeper on both sides of that argument, but It is natural be be selfish, which has many merits in itself (read some Ayn Rand beyond "Atlas Shrugged"). In the end, after it's all over and everyone said whatever they wanted and thought what they wanted - I look over at the needle on my tank of concern and, oh, it's on E. I mean, that's all it amounts to. 
    Jun 12, 2016
  20. Snow White
    Snow White
    @Ejronin Firstly, I'm sorry for being "detailed and verbose", I know I tend to waffle sometimes, and it's probably very annoying, It's something I have to work on :rswt:

    Secondly, you have a very good point, it's sounds like nurture over nature, that if we were not taught to be good, we would be evil.

    But if we're bad inherently, does that mean we're still bad once we've learn to be good? Or can we change our nature though nurture?

    Is all life inherently evil, and just taught to be good?

    Thinking about it, is all life inherently neutral, and taught to be both good and bad? . . .

    I think really, most of the questions we've asked each other don't have a solid anwser, there's two sides to most of these arguments, and neither can be proven right or wrong.

    I think I'll try to be open to all ideas :cutesmile:

     . . . Also, thank you for introducing me to Epistemic Closure, I hadn't really looked it up in depth before, it's a little confusing, but very interesting :D

    And I'm sorry GreyStone, I don't know how you getting "attacked by a spider" ended up being such a deep debate on the idea of good and bad, but I have a feeling it might be my fault :rswt: (Sorry mate)
    Jun 12, 2016
  21. Ejronin
    @Snow White - as far as I'm concerned, I'm all good with it. I often get a "TL;DR." Good and evil are constructs of the mind; a perception based value so there's no real answer to the quandary which is the point. You have to accept the label for it to apply. Does a spider accept (let alone understand) what defines good an evil or at least our explanation of it? Probably not given the very fiber of most creatures is an instinctual response. It's a pretty large waste of time to debate the alignment of insects, more so when we can't clearly define the alignment of one another in context to ourselves. More fruitful debates on ethics and morals can be had, but as pointed out - best done elsewhere when you get into the grit of it all between groups. I'd say that here, it's an escape to work on things that occupy the mind wherein one does not have to engage in the debates styled after where this could go were either so inclined. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to continue, but out of respect to @GreyStone84, perhaps it's best to divest ourselves from it here, publicly. Otherwise, no worries - I wasn't really upset. it was just a good opportunity to rib you a little; clearly being pedantic is a forte we share. 
    Jun 13, 2016
  22. GreyStone84
    Hey, it don't bother me none. I've been enjoying watching this little tennis match unfold. Back and forth. Baaaack and foooorth. lol. Conscience or no conscience, for me what it boils down to is there are billions of insects and arachnids so squashing a few throughout my life isn't going to disrupt the environmental construct as it were. I'm not wiping out an entire species here. While looking at a few things, I came across this:

    About half-way down it talks about some spiders that mimic ants. I don't recall that I've heard of this before and have decided that there are plenty enough ants in the world that I will crush them too, just in case it's an ant-mimicking spider. I especially think this spider is a dick: "When at rest, the ant-mimicking crab spider Amyciaea does not closely resemble Oecophylla, but while hunting it imitates the behavior of a dying ant to attract worker ants. After a kill, some ant-mimicking spiders hold their victims between themselves and large groups of ants to avoid being attacked."
    Jun 13, 2016
  23. Snow White
    Snow White
    @Ejronin My friends often read what I've written, but send me that "holy wall of text Batman!" picture afterward :guffaw:

    And I agree, "good" and "bad" are more ideas then anything else, so everyone sees them differently :cutesmile:

     . . . True, there are some overlaps, like we all see being polite and considerate as good things, but we're all polite in different ways, I think that's what makes talking to people interesting, if we were all exactly the same, there would be no point in talking to each other, 'cause we'd know exactly what the other one's answer would be :p

    Plus, video games would get real boring real fast, can you imagine the dialogue!

    "I think we should do blah blah!"

    "I agree!"

    "Me too!!"


    Yeah, it's not that bad at first, but a WHOLE GAME of that! *Shudder* :p

    @GreyStone84 Yay, we're the debate wimbledon! :p

    But yeah, don't worry, I think we've done waffling now ;)

    It was an interesting conversation though :D

    And yeah, the Amyciaea does sound a bit of a jerk, like the kind of guy who, if something sticky was flying at him, would push some other kid in the way to save his own tuxedo :S

    Then again, that might be acceptable behaviour to Ant-mimicking Spiders :p

    But yeah, I'd completely forgotten that there are Spiders that mimic ants, thank you for reminding me of their existence :guffaw: (This is what happens when I stop reading nature encyclopedias whenever I'm bored! (That sounded a lot less nerdy in my head :rswt: ))
    Jun 13, 2016
  24. Ejronin
    There are wasps that seem like ants too... cow ants... love em... they eat yellow jackets.
    Jun 14, 2016