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it must be fun where you work. 
It sure is XD My bosses boss brings ice cream for us in summer and is really hot, my boss loves to gossip and teases everyone by throwing plushies and other stuff at them, my coworkers are all around my age and two of them are nerds like me and everyone gets along very well :D
i should migrate to germany and live where you live and work where you work >.< its rare to find a workplace like that :)  not being too serious about it and treating each other like family <3 
Yes, I could not wish for a better part time job :D
The best think is that we dont have to suck up to the customers, my boss says that if they are rude to us, try to get price reduction for laughable reasons or keep us from working for what ever reason we can ( and should) talk back to them and that he will always have our back even if the customers complain about us to our ... biggest bosses? The guys sitting in the HQ of our company.

Actually he is the one with the most complains in the whole company XD 

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Petty boss is working today. Hope he realizes today that messing with me is gonna ruin his day like yesterday. I can operate very comfortably on the fringes of policy XD

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