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Wow I liked this, and yet I really don't like this....let me unlike this actually...

You've gotta set up strict contracts when commissioning people. This happens all the time. Also, try to make sure they live in the same country as you. If you really live in the US, get someone from the US. 

I was just watching on Youtube how this game raised all this money with kickstarter, and yet the artist that they hired on salary to work a year left with the money in 9 days with no work as it didn't explicitly state EXACTLY what he was supposed to do. If you hire an independent contractor, you've gotta know what they're gonna do, and direct them. D:
I had never commissioned people before :( she was from here so I viewed her as credible, also she send me a WIP for both pieces before I sent her the money :(  

I've been more careful with stuff like that now. Guess it just comes with experience :/
That's real tough luck, at least you didn't pay Asteria's license....did you?

I hope you have better luck next time. *hugs*
No I didn't thankfully!

I've pretty much gone to the philosophy of make everything yourself, it's fool proof (if not slightly unattractive!)
Sounds terrible, I'm sorry, hun! :(  I've been bitten by the fraud bug too and it's a terrible experience. My advice is to always do a half down half on completion deal, (Pay 50% of the total to have them start, and the rest once they've given you your order.) so at least you're not out of the full price of whatever you'd like if they do run off.

Use Paypal whenever you can, because you can submit a dispute or claims report on someone who's cheating you. (Within a certain time period--I want to say 30 days, but double check!)

Also, be sure to report them to the mods so their account is closed to further sour deals like that.

I hope your luck turns around! *big hugs*
If this is someone here on the forum and you haven't yet, you can try to get help, I'd send Archeia a message, or if it was through Classifieds, Ms Littlefish.

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