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@Lars Ulrika - Well people generally don't know what they are talking about (they assume so, so, so much and are experts after reading an internet blog about XXXXX).
Seems to be that that goes double when speaking of mental disorders. Bipolar people I've known generally have normal days and days where getting out of bed is just not happening. Extra creativity doesn't seem to be part of the package.
Niten Ichi Ryu
Niten Ichi Ryu
yep, that the first world bane. We can't help trying to make us fit into boxes, and see if we fit in a psychological state after reading some internet stuff.

its like all those kids who are quite lively and parents go "its adhd" or thinking that bright kids who are reserved are all aspies.

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230 paths... roughly 250 light sources on the screen... One serious lag fiesta... But I finally got it all the screen at once. I guess I could have also just made an event to spawn each one in exactly the location I needed, but that's sooo much less fun. :LZSwink:
A wee radio thing I made months and months and months ago. 2020 has felt like such a long year. Maybe made this before 2020.IDK anymore.

Made this one much more recently.

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