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C Frost
C Frost
Yep! Been using it for years. In brief: overall it's quite good at what it does, which is provide a way to create detailed RPG maps (or maps for ANYTHING, really) without the gigantic learning curve or cost of Photoshop. Not that it doesn't have a learning curve of its own of course, but I found it far easier to get the hang of. The program can also be a bit fussy/glitchy sometimes. Still, I don't regret the time or money I've put into it. Let me know if you have other questions about it, I'd be happy to try and answer them!
Niten Ichi Ryu
Niten Ichi Ryu
I'm thinking of getting it to make my fast travel town maps. Still a bit expensive though cause I would probably need the City add on.
C Frost
C Frost
Hmm, well when it comes to the City Designer add-on, I can't comment much, because I've never used it. My work with CC3 has entirely been on world maps. I've purchased a number of the "Annuals", which are add-ons, but they just give you a new mapping style to work with, they don't change or add basic functionality. City Designer DOES change functionality. The CC3 forums have, in my experience, been a pretty friendly and helpful place.
I just used gimp to do this in the past.

Basically I:

  1. Made outlines in gimp
  2. Separate the outlines into segments
  3. cut out the segments and import them as parallaxes in RPG Maker
  4. paint over the parallaxes with the details
  5. get a print map to image script
  6. import it back into gimp and put the map image into the standard segment
  7. due to this for all the map

I did this to create a world that all links together well with an ultima style map system, and with some edits, could use the final cohesive image as a worldmap for the player when it is heavily zoomed out.

But that looks really useful and I thank you for sharing it. :)

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