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Ha! Very nice. X3

I caught a Kabuto this morning! ...but I'm almost out of poke balls again, and that doesn't seem surprising. Looks like as you level, it gets harder to catch EVERYTHING. That 10CP Rattata? Yeah, that bastard is going to break out of the ball 3 times today, because reasons, despite that never ever happening at level 1.
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Yeah, I noticed that too. So frustrating. And, I'm almost out of Pokeballs too. >_>

Kabuto is one of the new Pokemon I can find on the campus. It will go perfect with my Omanyte.~
Nice! I haven't seen an Omanyte yet... Maybe eventually.

Me, I just need to go hang out downtown by the river where there's like 4 pokestops in one small area. I truly envy the people that are all like "yeah, I can see like 4 pokestops from my office at work."
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Yeah, I'm a little jealous. I'd love to just open up the app every one in awhile, spin the stops, and get infinite items to prepare for actual long walks. I have to go to the park for stops, which I'm always game for. But, I can't farm very many items there. Especially when I can end up using 6 balls on a common that is magically hard to catch now.
I have one stop near my house, and the next closest is several blocks away. It sucks.

And common things being hard to catch as you level up seems to be by design. =(

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