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The thing I liked most about school is once you're an adult, age of your classmates doesn't matter too much. You're all in it together, and those that are going to ACT like children are going to push themselves out of the group and in all likelihood fail out anyhow. When I was in adult grade 12, there was a lady in her 60s there, plugging away like the rest of us.

Although looking at your age, you're going back to school at a younger age than I decided that I should probably go about getting an education.
You're never too old to learn. We're all students of life for as long as we live. Best of luck!
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Education is for all ages!   :)

I'm going for a certification program; should take about a year to finish the courses, internships, and practicals.

I'm actually very happy to be a bit older this time. I started my bachelor's right after high school and while I absolutely loved my experience through higher education part of me really wishes I had waited until I was a bit older. I got awesome grades and everything but the social, work, and financial experience of being a slightly older young person would have been an incredible asset. I have a much clearer idea of how to set and achieve my goals. 18 year old me was a little, "I dunno. Sure?"
Probably because it's not until our early to mid 20s that we REALLY get a grasp on our own internal decision-making processes, really.
I did all my college online, and there were people of all ages in my classes, all the way up to their 70s (and this was a school for web & graphic design)! It made it more fun + it was a more relaxed environment with more mature people around. Obviously online is a whole different experience than campus, but I bet you'll still meet some older people with interesting and inspiring stories to share. :D
Also I totally agree, going straight to college after high school is daunting. I was still confused about everything at 18. @__@ Glad I waited a few years.

Also I just realized we're the same age! *high fives for 1990 babies*

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