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Good job Tolkien.
Snow White
Snow White
Awesome! I love seeing new ancient alphabets! :D

Does it translate into the 24 letter english alphabet, Like Hylian in the twilight princess? :cutesmile:

Does the player find an ancient tablet like the rosetta stone that helps them translate it?! :D

 . . . Sorry, I just really like ciphers XD
It is a 24 letter alphabet at the moment ( plus numbers ). The letters are not final yet, there are sure some changes to come.

However you read it from up to down and from right to left.

I am not too sure how I will include it in the story since the knowledge about the language these letters are from even gets taught in some higher class schools and the Bible of that world is in them. Its similar to Latein in our world. You can find books in which you can look up the alphabet ( and later you get a team member that is a 4000 year old guy that grew up with those letters and as such can read them without looking them up but he only comes very late in the game). 

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