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  1. Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    Half a marathon for a free doughnut? Worth it.
    Oct 17, 2016
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  2. Artificer
    Nice stuff!
    Oct 17, 2016
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  3. mlogan
    Congrats Ms Littlefish!!!
    Oct 17, 2016
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  4. The Stranger
    The Stranger
    That's some distance - Windsor (England) then to Canada, then to Detroit. xD I'm pulling your leg, of course. Seems everyone is doing some sort of run. Hope you had fun. :)
    Oct 17, 2016
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  5. Ms Littlefish
    Ms Littlefish
    @Vampire Vox I'll do a lot for a doughnut. Never underestimate my love of doughnuts. They taste even better after 13.1 miles. 

    @The Stranger Please don't pull my leg. They are still very sore! The most difficult part of the race was running over the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously.  BD

    Thank you, everyone. It was a ton of fun! It really was. I'm already considering doing it again next year.
    Oct 19, 2016
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