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  1. TriceratopsX
    Here are some of my favorite of the quotes I got

    "Business is to cuddle"  B)

    "Seek vegetables, but prepare for something"

    "Power is just sunshine, struggling to survive"

    "Put on your red shoes try to be yourself, and try not to try to be yourself"
    Oct 17, 2016
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  2. Faye Valentine
    Faye Valentine
    Hahahaha, I liked the first one a lot. Inspirobot (or conspirobot as I like to call it) is trying to cheer me up a little bit =) /sarcasm

    "Jump out of an airplane, jump, and forget your mind"

    "If you're feeling depressed, don't forget to be"

    "Forget it. Don't win."
    Oct 17, 2016
  3. TriceratopsX
    Uh, getting a little dark with some of these.  :unsure:

    "Melancholy is food from Hell"

    "Betrayal is what makes them boys"  :)

    "Cut your hair and get a job, trust no one, and pretend"

    "A moment in time is just a flickering candle trapped in a snow-globe"

    "These days people say 'goodbye' without even saying 'I love you'"

    "Socializing is meaningless, literally"

    "Don't stop attacking"

    "Stop trusting people"

    This one isn't so bad though.

    "Why do your best when you can talk very very loud?"

    Also, I find the "glitches" when you use it for a while very amusing.  :D
    Oct 17, 2016
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  4. Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    I'll share the first few I generate:

    If you are the most beautiful woman in the friendship, you have won the friendship. (Actually, this one almost makes sense for some circles. Too bad I'm a guy.)

    A lover can be as pretty as a Mother in the morning. (I don't like what this suggests...)

    Simply being ashamed doesn't make you popular. (Can't argue with that logic.)
    Oct 17, 2016
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  5. TriceratopsX
    "A lover can be as pretty as a Mother in the morning" huh.  :unsure:
    Oct 17, 2016
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  6. Thalzon
    "Societies can be destroyed by inequality."

    "Science can't always be a toxin, in a non-sexual way."

    "Can you imagine what would happen if the bankers were forced to get fat?" Instead of doing it voluntarily, like they do now.
    Oct 17, 2016
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  7. Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    Oct 17, 2016
  8. Archeia
    Oct 17, 2016
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