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Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
   I can begrudgingly live with one of the two, but I don't believe that one will win. Therefore among other reasons I'm actively working towards moving my family out of the states right now, it looks like America is in for a pretty rough financial death spiral at the moment, not because of the president really but because the senate has literally refused to do it's primary job for the last 17 years in a row, and has been spotty about it before that point. All this petty nonsense in the presidency is just a symptom of that failure, not a root cause.
Come to Canada! We have snow! :3

Just not Vancouver. Only crazy/rich people buy a home in Vancouver.

Actually, I just got a little one (okay, mobile home, shush) just my size and I just realised yesterday it'll be paid off in 5-6 years. A bigger one would only have a difference of like 3 years or so.

Silly people and their 25 year mortgages.
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
   I hear that, I'd love to buy a nice little mobile home and live in secluded peace...unfortunately not an option with a family of six. Finding livable accommodations at a reasonable price has proven to be the number one hindrance to our moving goals (#2 is finding homes for the larger animals that'll be cheaper to replace once moved than bring with us unfortunately.). If I didn't have so many kids and animals running around we'd probably be moved out already.

   In 25 years or so though...hopefully we'll be able to downsize to a cozy little home for the golden years, because I absolutely hate the upkeep and insane electric/gas bills of maintaining a three bedroom manor at 31, I doubt I'll be up for any of that in my fifties once the kids jump out and start building their own nests elsewhere.
Ah, there's big enough ones for a big family! You just need to get people used to sharing space or going outside! Once upon a time, people lived within their means and didn't buy giant homes. Plus there are very often acreages for sale around where I live; you just may need to do some commuting for work. =P

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grief... lol... I keep seeing request for MZ versions of MV plugins. this is why I haven't moved over and just MZ for my MV project.
Egg-sitting minigame is coming along nicely. Are you a bad enough dino to keep all these raptor eggs warm?

I forgot to post the animated version of the previous map I was working on. I'm still arguing with myself on if I like the stark blue ground better than the undergrowth ground used on the waterfall map. Hmm...
now that fmod is free for indie(<200k revenue), it would be interesting to see someone add fmod support for rpg maker
Can't say I can't promise progress on a project just yet. But I can say I had fun databasing tonight. :)

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