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US will be the wasteland. Canada is our only hope.
North Pole.

Call Santa Claus and find a job as an elf (that builds toys) there.

You will have troubles if you are tall but if Will Ferrell did it then you can do it too.
As much as things are getting worse, I kind of don't think there will be a nuclear war. Nobody with a brain cell will want to start one. The moment the first nuke goes, all the others will follow. The ones in power want to stay in power. A nuclear war will destabilize such position. So I think they will just continue chest thumping. In some ways, they are under pressure to do that. If you don't chest thump back, the other side will feel you are weak and will try to push you to the edge. I could be wrong of course. But I think the leaders have to be extremely dumb and short-sighted to escalate the situation into a war, because nobody will come out a winner from that.
Friendly reminder to not discuss politics here.
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
   I think that Putin  has more sense than that (god if you told me I'd think of Putin as the moderate that kept the world together ten years ago I'd have laughed in your face) and while Clinton has proven she isn't above anything to get ahead...well at least she requires incentives of money and power to do the things she does, and I can't really see how she'd make money and/or power by starting a nuclear war so I doubt she'd initiate that kind of an extreme either.

   Probably we'll just have another 4-8 years of race baiting, gender dividing and blaming Bush for why the economy is still not recovering properly to look forward to. Maybe a regular war or two as well since she is a warmonger.
Hollow 1977
Hollow 1977
@Dalph Thanks for interjecting some humor here. Political discussions get way too serious.

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grief... lol... I keep seeing request for MZ versions of MV plugins. this is why I haven't moved over and just MZ for my MV project.
Egg-sitting minigame is coming along nicely. Are you a bad enough dino to keep all these raptor eggs warm?

I forgot to post the animated version of the previous map I was working on. I'm still arguing with myself on if I like the stark blue ground better than the undergrowth ground used on the waterfall map. Hmm...
now that fmod is free for indie(<200k revenue), it would be interesting to see someone add fmod support for rpg maker
Can't say I can't promise progress on a project just yet. But I can say I had fun databasing tonight. :)

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