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Well it is a steam sale, it's pretty traditional. What's the problem with steam, anyway?
Not a fan, then?
Negative. Not a fan in the least. But last year there was a Cyber Monday sale on the official website. It got my hopes up. I've been checking since 5 am. :(
Vox Novus
Vox Novus
What's the problem with steam? There is a slight pain in that you need to launch it in some form but other than that its great. A client that stores all your purchases and makes it easy to re-download software/games in case of a new comp or a client with a system that makes it easy to get refunds. I don't see what there is to dislike about it really. The cloud sync is annoying for game development projects but that can be disabled so I don't see the issue.
It's hard for me to explain without starting a flame war, I think. Maybe the following points?

1. I'm over 30.

2. Just a matter of principal I can't exactly put in words.

3. It really bothers me when games have their own website and link to steam (only) for a purchase. It's fine to use steam as an advertising platform, but if you went through all the trouble of developing a professional website, why not offer a digital download from there as well (for the occasional minority that doesn't want to use steam). Don't make it my only option. So what if I want to be Sam Walton and skip the unneeded middle man (Steam) when I can just go to the dev for the product? afaik, Steam doesn't care if you do this as long as you don't offer it cheaper than it's steam price. I'd pay a few extra dollars to skip steam.

4. What about when Steam decides to drop your favorite classic? Hope someone's still alive with the rights to sell it to GOG? (I sure hope so, such a less intrusive platform! Dare I say a better platform. Wish it was more popular.)

5. If I were ready to sell, Steam might look more attractive, but when I'm ready to buy, it really doesn't. Because I'm old school and grumpy.

6. The rpg maker website is more organized and I REALLY like it better. That's probably about it.

Alas, I'm off to make a steam account. Been waiting too long for this sale.

You win, Rpg Maker and Steam. This time... ;(
In response to your points,

3. While I get that you might want an alternative option, many developers use Steam not only for advertising, but also a DRM solution (as steam does, of course, provide one that is very easy for developers to use). This is something that attracts a ot fo smaller developers especially, because they can't afford to build their own DRM solution, and Steam is already a widely used standard that many people are OK with, whereas many other DRM solutions (such as EA requiring some games to always be connected to the internet) can harm a game's success.

4. I haven't heard about Steam dropping a product unless the developer intentionally took it off, or there was some sort of fraudulent claim about the game that required it to be removed. I can only recall 2 games that were taken down/closely monitored, one of which being the absolutely terrible port of a Batman game that was reviewed horribly.

Aside from that, it seems to just be a matter of preference for you, which is fine. Everyone has something that they prefer.
I think you'll find Steam is really not that bad. And heck, if you don't like it being online, I think Steam only requires connecting to the servers once per month. Other than that, you can just use offline mode. Also, it's actually pretty awesome if you use more than one computer. Working with RPG Maker, I was always at one of home, work, or on my laptop. As long as my project was accessible (flash drive? code repo?), I could work on it wherever I was because RPG Maker was ready for install at the touch of a button.

Hint: I'm a grumpy 30+, too. Newfangled does not equal bad. ;)
I'm old(?) and it took me a while to like Steam too, but once I started, I really love it. At first I hated that it was my only option, and caused "bloatware" on my computer (being a program I assumed I would never use). But I was wrong and I use it all the time now  :)  If you're a gamer, you'll grow to love it too!

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