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I am the same way, and I feel like such a horrible person when I do that, because I know that a lot of them can't help it. 
It's even worse when the person doesn't speak English as their primary language. On one hand, I get angry because I can't understand what they're saying, on the other hand, they're trying hard to communicate in a manner that they're not totally familiar with.
Well...that's just it. It's the World Wide Web...people speak other languages, but as it's said, English is the language of the internet, so a lot of people have to learn a language they don't know well in order to communicate. You would be in a similar position possibly if you wanted to communicate on a predominantly Japanese forum. Yet still, sometimes people make typos....or maybe they are just trying to be silly <_< ...what ever the case, I really don't see any reason to get worked up over it.
It's not that I get worked up over it, it's that I instinctively get worked up over it. It's not something I can necessarily control as easily as someone who doesn't care. Words, both written and spoken, are special to me. Especially when communicating. When I read, I hear the words as a voice, and when something is written in such a way that the voice becomes distorted, it's worse than if someone was speaking another language at me.

I fully support anyone who speaks a different language natively and tries to communicate in another, I may get angry, but it's the kind of irrational anger one has when faced with something unpleasant, but ultimately harmless. The key difference, I guess, is that I don't react, and instead try to facilitate understanding, or at the very least not comment when I don't understand.
nio kasgami
nio kasgami
well you risk to be really disappointed by me lol 

I'm not a native english and mostly learnt by myself so don't expect beautiful sentence lol

and obviously if you give me a negative answer because of my horrible grammar expect a more salty one lol 

I don't mind getting corrected, as long the person rest  polite to me xD

Though, seriously, it usually happens when what's being said is unintelligible. If a person speaks English as their primary language, but can't make a coherent sentence whilst being sober, I usually tear into them with all the savagery of an angry wolf. Your English, however, is very good. As long as I can understand it in at least three read-throughs, I'm fine. Yours usually require only one time for me to know what you're saying.
Niten Ichi Ryu
Niten Ichi Ryu
wai u so untolerant bru? Tis da Inter Net.

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