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Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
Your going to want a mask and a lot of handsoap, this year's strain seems to be extra infectious. Sam picked it up at work then it jumped around to me and the kids then a few days after she started to feel better she caught it again from us and that was basically our Thanksgiving-Christmas.
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Yeah, I've heard it's awful this year. I haven't gotten sick in several years, even working with the public. But, I really, really don't want what's going around this year. XD
It's so terrible. The popping ears is the worst when you swallow. Get him some tea.
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Can't keep his fever down so I'm running up to CVS. He's been having plenty of water and had a couple Tylenol, but it's still running about 102. Probably going to take him to the clinic tomorrow.
Awww! Tell him we hope he gets better quickly! And best wishes to your immune system!
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
I told him! He stuck his head up from blanket mountain and responded, "Uh, huh. Thaaaaank you."
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