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Well, perhaps pixel art is where it's at for you. There's some really good pixel art in the world, so don't give up on art in general! Plus pixel art converts to cross stitch and perler bead better. :D
i both hope and am pretty sure you're coming back to it eventually. breaks are healthy. Also, no need to obsess over a squeaky clean lineart. My lines, for instance, are dirty af. because im a painter, not a... drawer (??????)
thing is, due to my pixel art background i focus more on blobs of color and less on lines. you could try that
@taarna23 - I just want to be able to one day sell it as physical things! Like booksmarks. Or cards. Lol

@JosephSeraph - I usually draw by pencil, then scan it, use the line tool in a program, but I guess I forgot to try actually coloring it...
You can! Plenty of places create such things, and plenty of people will buy pixel art on various things. Heck, I'm wearing a pixel art t-shirt right now, and own at least one more.
@taarna23 - I wonder how you'd print out pixels so it doesn't look stretchy like a jpg.
You don't really need a steady hand but if you repeat the basic exercises over and over again (circle, line, etc.) You'll be able to develop confidence, workaround and a style :yhappy:

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i feel closer 2 being able 2 get a discount on the kids menu than i do being able to buy booze1627428008986.png
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