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The Stranger
The Stranger
I'm crap at DIY. I thought men were meant to be good at it. xD I can come up with some whacky solutions on the fly, though. I created a polytunnel roof cleaner, before; nothing more than a long stick with two sponges secured to one end. People laughed, but it worked. :D
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
"Oh, drats! I broke a plastic part in the refrigerator."

"Actually, Ma'am. You split the very fabric of space time and unleashed an uncontrollable worm hole. The quote I'm givin' you is a bit--steep. It will also take two weeks to get the parts ordered and shipped."

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does there exist a word for a state of being that is between "living" and (not "dead", but ...) "not living" .... does that make sense, or do I just sound like Im high for something :[ ?
Hope you are all fine today~
Moderators, you must have so much patience to be able to deal with everything. I mod in a server of sorts and today we just got a message, which, despite it's helpful constructive criticism, basically stated that all of the mods were jerks and that was the only reason our server was unlikeable. So, thank you, for having patience. You are appreciated! :kaoluv:
Haired slime? Trying some different styles of art. Maybe I can make some resources with this new kind of painting.......

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