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The Stranger
The Stranger
Ha-ha! I shouldn't laugh, but this kind of stuff happens more than it should. $250 for an ancient water boiler part. Maybe you can get lucky exploring a junkyard? Do you have carboot sales over there? Over here, people gather in open spaces, on certain days, and sell stuff they no longer want from their cars, vans, etc. You can sometimes find really old, and even priceless, stuff at them.
Just for curiosity, how big is the thing anyway? My father repairs those and many other appliances too and that price is really ridiculous even for an outdated part.
I mean, now I don't know how big that water heater is but here in Italy a whole new water heater of 80 liters (considered large sized) costs only 50 bucks, unless you have something that is at least the triple of this size.
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Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
It is a plastic knob with a coupler for a couple of valve gates in a metal box, it is absurd for anyone to claim it costs more than the heater as a whole to machine them just because they're a few years old. I've half a mind to ask my brother to machine and mail me one based on it's specifications, though that is highly illegal everywhere.

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