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Tea's Jams
Tea's Jams
That's a hard one. I would be interested to know if you succeed. :)
Yeah, I'm curious as well. XD
Yappy Monoxide
Yappy Monoxide
Well, I will say that I think I am on the right path to getting this working. I made some good progress and nearly mimicked ??Nobody??'s script. Although, trying to add my own modifications is proving to be rather difficult. I'm going to try another day. :kaoswt:
Tea's Jams
Tea's Jams
I tried a while back on MV. I could get the platform to move continuously and get the player to walk onto it when it was in front of them (while it was still moving). I couldn't figure out how to then jump off while the platform was moving to another platform or area. I had limited success inserting a small wait between platform movements (like 2 frames or something) but it was sporadic.

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