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The Stranger
The Stranger
The lil' sad face says your sad. :(
Neo Soul Gamer
Neo Soul Gamer
Yes it is, because his Patrons already have them. :) Are you aware that the creator of the Time Fantasy graphics packs has a ******* acccount?

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Who here knows of the hidden laws of this multiverse? Such as the law of attraction
Exploding Fruits and Rasaks Pixelfarm Assets | RPG Maker News #108

So ghosts can go through walls and stuff, and depending their type (according to fantasy media) they can or can't interact with objects to a certain degree...

So why they don't always fall through floors? Do they always float and sometimes simulate walking? If things go through them how can they hear/see? And why sometimes they have clothing? Do clothes die as well?
my birthday was yesterday...
i feel closer 2 being able 2 get a discount on the kids menu than i do being able to buy booze1627428008986.png
Getting to play your RM game on Steam Deck? How cool is that?

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