Comments on Profile Post by Sharm

  1. Arisa
    You are not alloooooneeeeeee~
    Aug 30, 2017
  2. Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    Same problem, surprised that such an adept resource creator has that problem though. Never really thought people with the talent time and work ethic to make their own resources would be the type to horde up other peoples' as well.
    Aug 30, 2017
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  3. Sharm
    It's worse as a content creator, I can justify it by saying it's research material. I must own all the pretty pixels!
    Aug 30, 2017
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  4. Celianna
    Exactly - us artists are like the biggest admirers of other people's art! We hord it like crazy whenever we can. I've got folders filled with art, and sometimes I really do spend more time look at other people's art, than I am working on my own.
    Aug 30, 2017
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  5. taarna23
    <.< I... I have no idea what you mean... >.>
    Aug 30, 2017
  6. slimmmeiske2
    *raises hand* Guilty as charged
    Aug 30, 2017
  7. AlexFitz
    I've spent more money on tile packs than on food this month because I like looking at tiles in the map editor...
    Sep 2, 2017
  8. Golden Unicorn Gaming
    Golden Unicorn Gaming
    I put in hundreds of hours doing that as well during the 4000+ it took me to make mine.
    Sep 30, 2017