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  1. Blackyu
    Zombie Platypus. The most necessary of animals.
    Oct 15, 2017
  2. Alexander Hawksmoor
    Alexander Hawksmoor
    Hard to think cause whitedragon did loads. I think we are missing lizards, maybe a squirrel. Farm animals sounds good.
    Oct 15, 2017
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  3. Tea's Jams
    Tea's Jams
    Elephants, Camels, Giraffes, Hyenas, Porcupines, Platypus, Moose, Panda Bears, Crocodiles, hippopotamus, zebra is some. :)
    Oct 15, 2017
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  4. Nantas
    I never did see any crocodiles in rpg maker, that would be very cool OwO
    Maybe hard to make though
    Oct 16, 2017
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  5. starlight dream
    starlight dream
    There was a croco in 2K for any designing references.

    Are there any MV owls, snakes, goat, Baby cow, lamb, koala, kangaroo, llama, Seal?
    Maybe they exist, I can't remember for sure :).
    Oct 16, 2017
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  6. starlight dream
    starlight dream
    After looking at whtdragon's stuff, I withdraw my Owl, Snake and goat.:p
    Oct 16, 2017
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  7. NicoLican
    Australian animals are certainly not one of those in sprites.

    PD: is not entirely an animal but looked for a faun/satyr and there are none of those in mv I have only seen a single sprite and it is from vx.
    Oct 17, 2017
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  8. RodsXP
    Llamas XD
    Oct 18, 2017