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Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Never understood the appeal of theatres, crowded, ridiculous food prices and they frisk you like a ****ing criminal over a candy bar to make sure you are shelling out for their ridiculously priced food. By the time I'm even in my seat I'm pissed off enough to walk out.
our country's anime community are pissed that ODEX (the distributors) didn't show No game No life in our theater even tho they show a ton of anime movie in our country.

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V1.3 of Demo, a new concept artist on the team, character voices are coming into light more... I'm happy to say that the fangame is making good progress.
--- Stolen Item ---

M.Figher: I want to sell this Stone
Fence: Then...i can buy you 1500G
M.Figher: It's Deal!
(3 Days Later)
F.Fighter: M.Figher,Do you know about Stone that Mayor keep it in his Office? It's missing
M.Figher: Ahh,is that so... (Actually,i Stole it and Sell it to the Fence a few Days ago)
I've spent some cash on foley and other sound effects. I wonder sometimes if I made a poor choice, but I remember that I really want to improve the sound of my games. n...n; My frugalness haunts me sometimes.

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