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Kuro DCupu
Kuro DCupu
whoa, they filter word "b*tch" to "cute" ~ what a *****!
The Stranger
The Stranger
Yeah. There's some really weird censorship here. They also censor the word d amn and replace it with dayum.

Why did you give the twins insults as names?
Kuro DCupu
Kuro DCupu
@The Stranger It's purely coincidence! I just know the meaning today! I thought Ama and Asa sounds cute tho... =A=

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Sorry Aerith... I will abandon your shoes... :guffaw:
Spent a whole bunch of time today reworking the area in the video because someone said it was too illusory. So I reworked it so it changes less, moved the grass up to the same level as the player.... And found enough extra resources to make the grass moves when the player touches it. Also lots more water, because it looks amazing. I'll probably put up a short updated video later today.
I never noticed how NOISY birds can be in the morning..
The worst part of writing the thesis is getting to a point where it's nearly done and you feel like an 8th-grader could've written something on that level.
So ... uh ... this weekend I have to cut my husband's hair. He searched long and hard - highest mountains, deepest valleys, across vast oceans. All hairdressers are now closed. So it's me.

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