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In the end though the decisions did matter, just not in terms of the whole story. Due to some weird glitch the game doesn't want to accept my full save, instead it accepted a save that disappeared, where I chose to save Carley, but ended up with Doug anyway. But from chapter 4 onward the decisions were randomly made.
In the end though it screwed up some dialogues :(
The Stranger
The Stranger
Doug and Carely are in season two? I thought they were disposable characters in season one. I wonder if you can leave both of them to be nommed by zombies? You never get to know the new group in season two, they die far too quickly.
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No, they are not in season two. But in that season one save I saved Carley and ended up with Doug. Was like WTF?
In the end I played on till episode 3 and then I lost that save for good. But Season 2 accepted that one despite the fact that I finished the game with a fresh new save and it is supposed to take the most advanced one.
Yes, you can make both Doug and Carley nommed by zombies. It results in Clem running away and Lee getting nommed by zombies too for some reason though. So... It's a choice that is recommended to be made only once :)
The Stranger
The Stranger
Doug was clearly wearing a Carley disguise. :p
The Stranger
The Stranger
LOL! Really? That's silly. Why would letting those two get nommed result in Lee getting nommed? There are a few silly things like that in all TellTale games. I also found it silly when Larry punches Lee during the zombie attack. WTF? Even if you're polite to him he does it. Is he really that sociopathic that he'd murder someone for no reason?

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