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The Stranger
The Stranger
Awwh! It always makes me smile whenever I see mothers to be. I think you mentioned you already had kids, but I can't remember how many. Are you excited? :)
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
That's the stage when we started calling my twin sister ten years pregnant. I remember one incident where she took a shower and dropped the shampoo in the shower and all I hear coming from the hall is "MEGAAAAN! NOTHING IS POSSIBLE!"

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Well that was three hours of work down the drain, because GIMP froze and I forgot to save anything.
for who interested in a example boilerplate pixijs with snowpack , i made a branch with pixijs .
Web and Desktop, nwjs is not required.
I definitely give up Parcel bundler !
I wonder how many amazing games from the Completed Game/Games In Development forums that I just passed only because of an uninteresting title.

Doing more paralaxing. It isn't much, but it looks a lot less blocky now :)
aww these times when you feel alone, abandonned and lack the self awareness you don't even read anymore your favorite of all forum. Sorry all!

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