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Did you experience the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death? If you are, I know that there's a reason behind your breakup. And I know that you can go through this.
*hugs* It’s hard when you know people are attempting to be supportive but are way off.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
"The wise man speaks because he has something to say the fool because he has to say something"-Plato although I might be on the latter speaking of this, it is true You may find better, but only You can decide that, and to what degree, although I must agree with Mlogan, just let what they say roll off You, to make a long statement short, You will come out of this stronger, give Yourself time and room.

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Sometimes I just think.... we all had eighth-grade syndrome, only difference is in the severity. :kaopride:
//Makes complex mechanic...
//Slaps self
No U! We make it fast, simple and fun! :kaolivid:
If it needs a long tutorial(s) on how to do it, it's bad... Just look at FF13. :kaoback:
Good point self. :kaopride:

There was an accident at the stone mason's workshop today. Some @The Stranger was seen on the premises, ranting about evil secret guild business before they destroyed the Statue of David. Public and law enforcement will keep an eye out for vandals!
I suppose at some point I should figure out how to change my name on here.
Teaching friend how to use MV, so far he can fight his cat.

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