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starlight dream
starlight dream
She did become the Grinch! Didn't he give gifts back at the end? :D
=^.^= He did. But it's really funny, because my mom so knew that we thought we weren't getting anything. o.o She says this year was going to be boring our thought = no gifts. Mom thought, just giving money is boring. She's so sneaky, but then again, so was the grinch.

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Dalph wrote on slimmmeiske2's profile.
Slimmm, we should team one day and make "Reid in Wonderland" or "Aluxes in boots".
--- F.Mage Cooking ---

F.Mage: Hey,guys. i made dinner for you!
M.Fighter & Hero: (Shock) Dinner???
(F.Mage Put The Failed And Burnt Dishes Surrounded With Creepy Aura)
Hero: What the...???
F.Mage: It's Curry Rice,Fried Egg And Cakes. I hope you guys like my Dishes.
M.Fighter: Are you kidding me?
Is it true that when we hit 1 million posts, each of us gets 17,000 USD? Sorry if I'm not supposed to post this question here, but I can't find where to post it...
I slightly modified the hairstyle to get it in the right direction.
And apply a little lip
Am I up for another full-time day of game dev? Let's find out! Got coffee, got music; let's go!

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