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  1. Amy Pond
    Amy Pond
    I'm a professional procrastinator, just every now and then I get sidetracked by game making.
    Dec 26, 2017
  2. bgillisp
    Welcome to the procrastination club! If you join now you can vote in the 2003 club elections!
    Dec 26, 2017
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  3. readydotexe
    Dec 26, 2017
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  4. Sauteed_Onion
    Man tell me about it. I'm gonna make the best game EVER! Just need to get around to it.. sometime. There's always later. Right?
    Dec 26, 2017
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  5. EpicFILE
    Procrastination is one of the magic spell on Harry Potter, right? "Expecto Procrastinate!" (bad joke I know xD)
    Dec 26, 2017
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  6. readydotexe
    Dec 27, 2017