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starlight dream
starlight dream
Good luck. Have you tried in the Project Development forum?
Yeah. I've tried PMing artists I like on Devianart, I had my own artists for a while. Posts in the requests section and a whole post in Project recruitment. Craigslist ads, messaging schools, ads on a 2D artist boards, and PMing people on Instagram and here.

I might have to give up and call my old artists and offer them more cash, but I'm not made of money.
The whole project might have to be re-written to work with what I have, which will make almost 2 years worth of work be for nothing. So... that's fun.
starlight dream
starlight dream
I've seen your posts in requests and if I have time I'll try the elephant and robo battler.

Once you'll have posted 30 comments in the forums, you'll have access to the Classifieds forum too. You can recruit or hire there, & artists list their prices in their "shops".

I know it's tough to find artists especially for sprites. So what is your project missing? Is it mostly sprites or other resources too?

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