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Hollow 1977
Hollow 1977
Mine would be Goku due being a good guy and some of his awesome techniques like instant transmission.
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deathnote was the best anime series I’d seen in a while. Must have watched it through 3 or 4 time now. :) So I would have to say Riuk.

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Once again working on a game I'm not sure I'm going to sell or even publish
That feel when you're awake past midnight and suddenly you're one year older :ninja:
I miss collaborations, but I don't know how to find someone to make face parts just to share them with others, and even though I don't like writing or music, I can't trust anyone with writing on my game because it has themes that are easy to mess up, and music needs a clear tone and scenes.
People donating to me for my upcoming birthday so I can pay my team a little. Such angels, I'm so happy. T uT I smile so much my face hurts. Good souls in this world.
Playing Ragnarok Online again is very nostalgic. The last time I played it was 20 years ago, when I was ten-twelve old.
My first mmorpg.^^

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