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  1. Tea's Jams
  2. Llareian
    I love that he always tries very hard to find positive things to say and to use constructive criticism, even when a game really frustrates him.
    Dec 30, 2017
  3. Tea's Jams
    Tea's Jams
    It's true, I loved his review style right away. He also spends time and comments on little details.
    Dec 30, 2017
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  4. BinaryResidue
    I like how he tries to fix simple mistake that’s prevents the game from running(from dev off course) ..then he does his best to do a first impression video...

    Cool guy!!! I like his video!!!
    Dec 30, 2017
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  5. Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy
    He's funny, I don't enjoy that he puts 5 ads per playthough though kinda milking it and being that I respect people trying to make a bit of coin for their effort I don't use adblocker but that doesn't make it right to milk it.
    Jan 8, 2018